Ft. Worth Area Texas Rehabilitation Association Scholarship An annual award to an undergraduate junior, senior, or graduate Rehabilitation majors who has outstanding academic performance (3.0 GPA) and is enrolled full-time. Application listed below.

The Dan Minahan Memorial Scholarship

To honor Dan Minahan III, 1984 bachelor of science graduate of Rehabilitation Studies program, and a long time supporter of all the intercollegiate athletics programs at the University. This fund is to offer scholarship assistance and program support to students involved with physical and psychological rehabilitation issues. Application listed below.

Ken Miner Scholarship

An annual award of $200 to undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate rehabilitation majors who are clearly outstanding in terms of academic performance. Recipients must be enrolled full-time and have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. This scholarship is named in honor of Ken Miner, chair and faculty member of the department who provided many years of professional leadership. Application listed below.