Alternative Dispute Resolution

Minor  and Certificate Programs

College of Public Affairs & Community Service at the University of North Texas offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Minor Program Requirements


  • 21 hours of course work
  • Work must be from various other UNT Departments located within the following Colleges:

College of Arts and Science

College of Business Administration

College of Public Affairs and Community Service

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Why ADR?

ADR practice is a rapidly growing field in the U.S. and throughout much of the world as a preferred alternative to litigation and violence. As employers increasingly use ADR both internally and externally, graduates with the basic competencies in ADR will become increasingly valuable.

Faculty in the Institute pursue a broad range of research areas including public policy, economic development, labor relations, alternative dispute resolution, political economy, industrial site location theory, transportation policy, telecommunications and information policy, and other applied research problems.

Students participate in faculty research efforts to enhance their ability to apply social and economic theories to real-world situations. The Institute of Applied Economics is a place where students learn to put theory to work.

ADR Certificate Request Forms

What else is offered besides a Minor?

In addition to the minor, the College of Public Affairs & Community Service also offers three professional certificates:

Mediation Certificate

Family Mediation Certificate

ADR Certificate


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