UNT Graduate School Online Certificate in
Applied Behavior Analysis

This online certificate program offered via the Internet consists of 18 semester credit hours (SCH) of graduate-level work in Applied Behavior Analysis. The certificate indicates that the recipient has met the academic requirements of the university's certificate program, including a grade of B or higher in each course taken.

Please be aware of the following distinctions:

  • This certificate is not the same as a graduate degree in behavior analysis. Students have 4 years to complete these courses for the certificate program.
  • The certificate is not the same as BACB certification. It is evidence that an individual has met the academic portion of the BACB's requirements in preparation to become a certified behavior analyst or associate behavior analyst.
  • The BACB is not affiliated with UNT or any other university or organization. It is an independent nonprofit agency that offers a national certification program.

Admission Requirements for UNT Certificate Program

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in any field
  • Transcripts showing applicant's GPA meets UNT Graduate School requirements and it's equivelant to a U.S. Bachelor's.
  • Completed application for admission submitted to the UNT Graduate School, specifying enrollment in UNT's Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis program (GACT-ABA)
  • COPY of completed application for admission mailed or faxed  (940-369-7880) to the Department of Behavior Analysis, Online Certificate Program.

See UNT Graduate Academic Certificates for more GENERAL information.

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